Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

This is my beautiful mum,
huhuuu konon. :D
Mrs. Chunainah Hj. Yassin.
heee, selamat hari ibu, mama!

She's the one who will sacrifice anything for me if i got a problem,
She always cheer me up when i get low marks in my examination,
she's always trying to buy something that i like even she don't have money on that time.
She's like nagging at me if i make a mistake,

today was mother's day so yesterday we had a small bbq for her and my first mum.
mama e'e, happy mother's day too !
(Mrs. Hasnah Bt. Nordin)

even, we (k.eti,, me and adik) takde duit,
atleast we try the best campaurkan semua duit sorang rm5.
and beli lah makanan2 yang nak dibuat bbq.
dapat pun akhirnya!

Later i'll update the picture cause now i dont get the pictures yet.

p/s: i know it is kinda fake in my reality life,
but it is difficult to tell you guys ape yang aku ngah rasa sekarang.