Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Teettttt. No title.

Tonight i feel something. I miss him kot, haihhh it is just waste my time lah if i want to remember him. kan?
But I just wish atleast he read this and know that I always missing him every single time. That's it.

Oh and this page was under construction HAHA apantah. Bila nak update pun tarak tahu.
Sorry darla, I think I am late but soon lah eh eh. I'll promise I will update it.
Today was 22th december 2010,
Saya di Kuala Lumpur pun cuma ada 5 more days.
I don't want to go back Sarawak, but I have to.
So siapa nak buat date dengan saya, gimme a call and take me at Ampang. Okay? :D

Hmmmmm I don't know why I talk shit, NOW but seriously, I miss him.
Allah s.w.t itu Maha Mengetahui  apa yang tersirat dan tersurat dalam hati and I believe that He knows what do I feel right now,
Haihh dah la. Night everyone.

Oh bytheway visit my formspring. yeah I am doing it again.
Okay hey haters, stalkersssss, and YOU!
open this and ask me anything.

Oh and last but not least, Ecewahhh!
come and follow me dude! Chill! :)