Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Say Hell to O.

Yawwwwww! Miss me babyyy?
Yeahhh lama kan tak online? And I keep thinking weather I want to continue my blog or not? 
It is because I hate when I view others blog and their was totally perfect rather than mine. Hmm -.-
Soooooo any comment about this?

Okayyy I'm in Ampang right now. Seminggu cuti. and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR GUYS!
Manaaaaa angpow haaa? -,- hish.
Pokai sudah. Sob sob. 
I just got home from Mamak Hafiz just now dan secara tidak langsung saya duduk terserempak R**** and his girlfriend. Sebelah sebelah pulak tu. Miahaha tak boleh tahan. Besides, I am so excited to watched  IP Man. Hahaha best jugak weh!

Hmm I miss all my bestfriends :( When can meet up weh? :( On sunday  aku dah nak balik Penang.

Okaylahh thats it, Bye.

P/S : I just thinking, cool kan kalau pakai baju merah esok sementara celebrating CNY! Hehe. Come and join me! ;)

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